5 Must-Have Productivity Tools For Your New Business

The constant evolution of technology and artificial intelligence has encouraged young and budding entrepreneurs in Australia to kick-start their careers and create success stories. Undoubtedly, most start-ups fail due to poor management, lack of skills and financial resources.

New-age technologies, software tools and fully-responsive applications allow businesses in Australia to track their productivity and run different operations without any obstacles.

You can assign work to your employees, track their productive hours, manage your business operations, streamline your marketing plans and much more. However, this doesn’t mean you need all tools. Instead, you focus on getting the right tools to make your company grow faster and efficiently.

Here is a list of 5-must have productivity tools that will help your new business thrive:

  1. Gusto

It is one of the most reliable finance management software tools that allow you to streamline payroll, tax filings, and other financial chores with ease. Whether you have a small or large business, Gusto is a flexible HR platform that aligns the tools you need to hire, pay and manage your employees within a few clicks.

The tool also offers a range of health benefits to help your team motivated:

  • Medical and Life Insurance
  • Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Guideless around new rules, regulations and deadlines
  • HSA and FSA

It also provides financial benefits to help your team plan the future with clear breakdowns, pre-tax savings, etc of each paycheck. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Worker’s Compensation
  • 401k retirement savings
  • 529 college savings
  • Gusto Wallet Employee finance tools.

In simple terms, Gusto helps your HR team manage day-to-day operations and responsibilities, giving them more time to recruit deserving candidates for the company’s growth. With this tool, you can pay attention more to other important tasks and learn everything about business culture etiquette in Australia to sustain longer in the market.

  1. Scoro

It is an all-in-one productivity tool that helps you easily manage your business in Australia. The software aims at streamlining workflows and taking routine tasks off your hands so that you can create innovative strategies to attract new customers.

With the user-friendly interface, the tool allows you to track time easily and manage your entire team, create and send invoices.

It has a great project management feature that lets you track planned meetings, productive hours, files, expenses and comments in a few clicks. The tool also has a powerful CRM suite to manage contact details, projects and communication histories.

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  1. MailChimp

It is one of the most robust email marketing automation tools that lets you deliver customised emails to your existing customers who are subscribed to your newsletters. Send emails to thousands of subscribers in a go. You can also create and manage mailing lists and newsletters.

This tool can help you reach existing customers and generate leads. It can help you save money and manage your email marketing strategies. The best thing is that you can use its free version if you have

a start-up as it sends emails to only 2,000 subscribers.

You can also get insights into how your strategies are working and how many people are subscribing and unsubscribing you.

  1. Zoom

It is one of the most popular videos conferencing or meeting software tools that can be used for both personal and professional uses. It allows you to organise a business meeting online.

This is a perfect tool if your team is working remotely. You can connect all under one roof and discuss important things in real-time.

Zoom is a free subscription tool that enables you to host up to 100 people and unlimited sessions with no time restrictions. This is an ideal business meeting or conferencing tool for start-ups in Australia.

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  1. Trello

Do you want to increase workplace efficiency? Look no further than the Trello tool. It has a super-easy interface that lets you add cards and members quickly. You can also send alerts and deadlines to your employees.

It comes with in-built coloured labels that let you visually view the updated progress for each project. You can opt for a free edition, as it includes many cards and lists.


Running a new business requires proper management skills. With the help of these productivity tools, you can streamline your business operations, manage your team tasks, their progress, existing and new projects and much more. You can also consider government grants for new businesses and fulfil your entrepreneurial goals.